Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back to yet another reality

February 18th was our last day in Polynesia... It was the end of this part of the trip, until the exploration of the Northern European countries. Time to get back to work! Time to have a home again! Yes! Books on shelves! A real kitchen! OK we were leaving paradise, but we were looking forward to settle down again. It just wears you out to spend your days in a swimsuit reading books under the sun ;-)

Well, what a shock!!

After Bora Bora where everything-the sky, the lagoon, the ocean, etc.-was blue, here in Aarhus the only thing that was blue upon our arrival was Q’s parents’car!! Everything else was pure WHITE or its sister GREY!!! Yay!! (notice the rime!) So here we are eating dinner with pants and sweaters, but hey... we’re still tan!!

It’s not 95F any longer either, but more like 25 with regular sea winds; in no place is Denmark further than 30 miles from a sea. So in less than a week, that’s quite an adjustment we underwent there... Q likes to think that at least, some of the water molecules in the dark sea out there (and the snow!) were probably around Bora Bora at some point... Makes him feel better ;-) C prefers to remind herself that spring is not too far away any longer, maybe... 8 weeks :-P !!! We saw the first flowers piercing through the snow today so it’s coming!

Hence you guys are welcome to visit at any time in the “warm and dry” season... around June 1st-June 3rd...!!?? Hurry up, we are taking reservations now :-)

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