Saturday, November 20, 2010

Il neige à Aarhus (again!)

Last night we got our first snowfall, naturally out of the blue (grey?) since Danes keep telling us that "it never snows in Denmark" or that "snow is exceptional". Hmm, well, we did not really believe that before moving, as snow seemed to be on the ground in several versions of Hamlet including this one. But OK, in such stories it could still have come from the imagination of moviemakers and storytellers, who would have taken a poetic license for the sake of intensifying drama. But when we were told that "Spring and Summer are beautiful here" and indeed experienced a nice Spring and Summer that lasted from June until August, we were not too surprised any longer to see again snow fall from the sky last night... Threw us right back into the chill of our first days in Aarhus, although we did not dare to go by the sea to see if it was frozen!

But in any case, wasn't it fun to watch snow fall last night! Q went outside a few times, just to turn on the automatic exterior light and lighten up all these snowflakes. Sascha did not ask to go out on his usual night adventure though ;-)

Although it snowed overnight, there was merely an eighth of an inch on the ground by morning, which had mostly melted by mid-day today. We still spent most of the day inside, experiencing in our own way what Danes refer to as "hygge", which could be translated into "coziness": Baby, it's cold outside, so why don't we stay home and enjoy the snow covered backyard throughout the window from our comfortable chairs... It was Sascha's hair removal treatment again, so it is fair to say that it also snowed fur balls today...

So after our first two or three weeks into the darkness, with daily dinners by candle light, this arrival of snow marks the official beginning of the holiday season. Right on time for our upcoming Thanksgiving celebration a week from today. Oh yes! C plans to celebrate Thanksgiving just as usual, albeit for the first time outside the US. We will have some of our American expat friends over at our place a week from today, so it'll be just like home!

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  1. oh deja de la neige? profitez bien de votre nouveau chez vous, bien au chaud!! bises