Sunday, March 27, 2011

Done with the snow in Aarhus: Spring, welcome!

Well, actually it's been a while since we have not seen snow here, and that's good! Spring actually starts on March 1st for the Danes, but we were not gonna get fooled...

In fact, we did get some snow flakes yesterday during our walk (hence the winter jackets...) but that was just a wink from defunct Winter...

Now closer to April, flowers are enchanting us everywhere. Tons of white, purple, and light blue crocuses are spurting on all the lawns, it's just dazzling!

For Q's b-day yesterday we also had a dense bunch of tulips ("like in the movies" said C), which brought the Spring season to our table as well.

Not too many flowers yet in the park around the Queen's summer residence in the Marselis forest. But several bronze sculptures here and there, which complement nicely the elegant landscape of the estate, and contribute to giving it a very romantic atmosphere. So we'll be back when the rose garden will be in bloom!

On a bike ride this afternoon, stop over at the Marselis harbor (where we had seafood for the birthday dinner last night) and at the deer park, a wild-life reservation where people can just walk among friendly animals, and most importantly, where animals can frolic among friendly humans. By jumping around and chasing each others, fawns were truly giving quite a show!

More soon as the Spring unfolds...

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  1. ah le printemps!! on a hate aussi :-))
    encore joyeux anniversaire!