Saturday, January 21, 2012

Extending our explorations of the French Riviera :-)

Flashback to November and our Thanksgiving week in France!

Well, Q likes Aznavour and enjoyed his concert so much that he wanted to go again!! And C was not against another romantic getaway with her Denmark-based hubbie... This time we went to Toulon, about 2 hours by train West of Nice, still on the beautiful Mediterranean.

We enjoyed the concert again (this time together with another 4,000 people) and a fine dinner, but C being under the weather, and the weather itself being under the weather (for the South of France, that is), we did not stay to enjoy Toulon very much.

Later that week (when it was still about 60 degrees outside...) we enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner with some other expats (two Canadian girls who lived in the US) and a couple of French friends.

The day before Q would go back North, we discovered enchanting Menton, the last French town East of Nice before the border with Italy. The town was nicely bathed by sunshine, so that we could enjoy a lunch outside along the sea. A few tourists around, mostly Italians. It felt like what Nice must have been 100 years ago, with a slower pace of life and no exuberance. Just a small quaint fishing and artistic place.

The main purpose of the visit was the new museum for French artist Jean Cocteau, one of our favorites. The museum is quite exceptional, both architecture and collection-wise. Highly recommended!

Menton is also famous for its delicious lemons, that are the theme of a major festival in a few weeks.
Stay tuned!

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