Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Everything's just... gone!!

All our stuff just left Aarhus for Nice this morning. Quite a big step toward home reunification! Two great guys from a British moving company came to load their truck with our > 400 cubic feet (=12 cubic meters) of stuff. We took some snapshots of the process.
7:55am: It's good we had reserved 3 parking spots in a row for the movers' truck to park!
8:00 am: Here's what the living room of our apartment in Aarhus looks like...

8:47am: Time for a painting yoga session in one of the now empty bedrooms

9:08am: This is definitely clearing out...

9:53am: A lot of our stuff is now stacked inside the truck

10:10am: Hey! we can start seeing some of that back wall again behind the cardboard boxes that we had not seen in 3 months

10:38am: Each of our 150 items got a colored sticker with a unique identifier and was added to a now 6-page list

10:49am: Almost there...
11:15am: Time to wave the truck goodbye... (check out at one of the windows on the third floor ;)

It'll take about 2 weeks now we think before we see our belongings again down at the other end in Nice. Stay tuned!

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