Sunday, September 30, 2012

But... where are we gonna put everything?

From the first visit, we had had a crush for the apartment we ended up moving into. We liked the location – our favorite market, bakery, butcher, ice cream factory are all in the vicinity – and we liked the set up: a 1920s building with 5 floors, the owner of which – an 85 year old lady – lives on the last floor. One apartment per floor, and a great downstairs neighbor who loves pets and plants.

The apartment itself has a North to South exposure with a balcony on each side. What would be the living area is overlooking a quaint old building masked in part by tall trees. And no painting required before moving in!

A first glimpse into the apartment:

Now, as most apartments in France, this one came with no equipped kitchen. Only a sink on top of a two-door cabinet. So building up the kitchen became our priority.

A kitchen... with a sink!!

The endeavor was challenging as we didn't plan to fully design a kitchen in an apartment that did not belong to us, and because we were not supposed to "fix too many things up on the walls" in order to preserve the wall finish (according to the rental agency)...

We were allowed to attach cabinets in the kitchen though so we did that. We hooked up an oven and an induction stovetop with the help of an electrician (we needed a special socket and an extension from its original location in the room). A couple of months later we are almost there, but we still miss a counter top on one side and a drawer and door on one of the cabinets.

Live and let drill
The guy who actually did the job:

At this point we are also clear from most of cardboard boxes in all rooms, except for a pile in our living area where a book shelf should go, and in Q's office where clothing have been waiting for a closet.

The place is even ready to welcome guests: our first one (one of Chrysa's friends) was actually here earlier in September!

In the living area
A much less lonely sink ;-)
Ready to cook 'n bake!

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  1. I would like to add that although I only drilled one hole for the cabinets, I did build the oven furniture and the bathroom cabinet single-handed.