Sunday, September 30, 2012

The unpacking process: When will our home be free of cardboard boxes?

Now, with our move (finally!) into a more permanent place, we were able to ask the moving company to resume with transporting our stuff from Denmark down to Nice (it had been stored somewhere in the UK while we were sorting out our apartment situation). Then the question became when our stuff would actually make it down here.

Two months after the movers showed up in Aarhus, they made their way into Nice. Their super long lorry actually was not authorized to get to our place downtown, for security reason. There's actually a law about that in the whole city of Nice, and apparently cops are pretty good at enforcing it, since they use video cameras to watch traffic in town.

The drivers knew about this (it was their 3rd time driving to Nice with an over-sized truck!), but failed to tell us so until the day they actually arrived, which was only a day before our scheduled delivery. They would not get a tip for failing to figure that out ahead of time but Q spent his afternoon trying to sort this out via phone calls to various authorities in town, and the most helpful info came from a car rental agency in Nice. We learned it was actually possible to park the truck at some dispatch center on the outskirts and we rented a smaller vehicle for the movers to transit our stuff from the lorry to our apartment.
The over-sized truck parked on the outskirts of Nice

Fortunately, our belongings did not fill up that truck at all (only about 1/6th of it) so it took only two trips for the movers to get all our stuff.

The truck is getting emptied of our stuff...

We were glad to see our belongings again, even though we were both quite tired of seeing again so many cardboard boxes, some of them dating back to our move from Boulder 2.5 years earlier — yeah, we've been that good with recycling boxes! We can now also confirm our original hypothesis that the sturdier boxes were the ones that had been used to ship solvent bottles to the Chem store at CU Boulder  and that we had been saving over our last months in Colorado :-)

An example of a box that we've been carrying around since our time in Boulder...

Moving is so much fun! Or maybe I am smiling cause laughing was the only way to keep our sanity!
That was back in late May. Four months later we've gotten rid of most boxes, but we still have a few persistant ones, mostly cause we haven't found the proper furniture to organize their content yet!

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