Sunday, July 11, 2010

When in Denmark... (we do as the Danes do!) – Intermission: We fly to the US

Not too surprisingly now that we live in Europe, some of our far-away travels include trips to ... the US! In fact, we just went there two weeks ago, primarily to participate in Marielle’s wedding (C’s sister) to Eric, celebrated in northern Maryland on June 27th. The ceremony and reception f
ollowed with dancing and dinner were great! We send our best wishes to the couple who is now on some Hawaiian island (lucky bast...).

We enjoyed also meeting again C’s family members we had last seen at our own wedding, two years ago, in a place less than two hours away from where we were (and just as jammed with fireflies!). It made for a great opportunity to recall our own wedding at the time of its second anniversary. We were also particularly glad to finally meet another of the bride’s maids, Lauren, who’s planning a trip to... Bora Bora! (Hi, Lauren!)

Our American consumerist nature also took over, as we spent most of our time shopping ;-) Well, we had quite a list of “stuff to buy in the US”, mostly because we knew we’d find them for much less money there. As an example, both of us really needed shoes, which are typically three times the price here, and rarely come in size 14 in spite of the Danes being rather tall...

Since taking pictures was not a focus on this trip "back home" (we preferred to wait for the professionally taken pictures of the wedding!), the only pictures we have are from the preparation of the flowers at C’s mom’s kitchen the day before, and of Q showing off his new Stetson hat... that he bought in Denmark!

So we come full circle and it is now time for more on our entertaining program for summer in Denmark!

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