Sunday, August 15, 2010

When in Denmark... (we do as the Danes do!) – Part III: We go to the beach in town

Finally, in July, temperatures rose to about 25°C (about 80 F), occasionally to 30°C, so it could get quite hot to walk up the hill to get to work. Hence, when the heat reached its peak around mid-July, we decided to explore some of the various beaches Aarhus has to offer (see a description here: ).

In early July, we went to Ballehage, which is in the forrest on the south side of town, close to the hotel C stayed at when she first visited Aarhus. There were many people there, so it was equivalent to being on the Mediterranean. But it sort of faded out as we’d walk away from the main access point, until a different crowd of people would be found: the kind that do not wear any swimsuit... You know, those crazy and scandalous Europeans, pardon, Scandinavians ;-) But it's OK: C had seen one of these unknown naked guys before in Montpellier. Fortunately somewhere in the middle of these two crowds was a nice piece of beach that was not jammed with people and still had some sun shining on it.

The water was too cold for C, but for Q it seemed about equivalent to the Mediterranean last May... Actually now the water’s warmed up a bit (to about 21°C) and is about as warm as the water is in South of France, as Q could tell from a more recent trip down there that will be for another posting. So it’s not bad!

Q actually went swimming for a couple of times on the North side of town, a beach named Bellevue about 15 minutes from home by bus. The water is more shallow up there, and hence, the warmest! Awesome swimming, great views over the bay, the coastline and the town of Aarhus. The pictures at sunset were taken there (which still required some type of sweater+jacket to stay warm, once the sun was about 11 pm...).

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