Sunday, August 15, 2010

When in Denmark... (we do as the Danes do!) – Part IV: We pick up strawberries

Colorado we liked to pick up our own raspberries at a nearby farm in Niwot. So when we heard here that we could go to pick up our own strawberries, we felt just like home. Berries are one of those things that grow quite well here in Denmark, although naturally they don’t reach ripeness as early as the ones from Spain or Italy.

On Saturday July 10, we actually went to the Holger’s Jordbaer farm North-West of town. Among those lovely rolling hills (woods and wind turbines in the distance) they had this gigantic field covered with four varieties of strawberries. We started of course by testing them all... mmmm... several times... until we settled for the two sweetest and most flavorful. We ended up our harvest with about 13 pounds of awesome strawberries!

As these had not been selected for superior shelf life, we quickly rinsed them, dried them, and froze them for our upcoming dark, cold and rainy winter. It’ll be like opening the freezer to get sunshine ;-) We also used about 2 pounds to make a most tasty strawberry jam that we enjoy every morning.

Life in Denmark does not come without any challenges, but there are some pleasant compensations!

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