Saturday, January 15, 2011

Catching up on 2010: Christmas in Alsace - and an anniversary!!

Because of the cold, our train shuttling between Strasbourg and Paris arrived an hour late in Paris, and then by an additional hour late back to Strasbourg. Well, we just had a late dinner!

We celebrated Christmas in Niederbronn-les-Bains, just like the year before, thereby also marking the first anniversary of this blog!

Thanks to all of you for following us and for supporting us through your m

essages during this first year. We hope you are enjoying checking out our blog as much as we are enjoying putting it together. In that first year, we have not quite traveled completely around the globe yet, but we have covered some distance from Panama to Polynesia, and from our new home country Denmark to Southern Europe or to the US. Let's hope that in 2011 we can cover some of the missing distance to make it a full "around the globe" travel blog!

Alright, so back to the root so to speak (Q's roots) and our Christmas celebration in Alsace. We had plenty of snow—after nothing in Paris—not too surprisingly for Alsace at this time of the year. We spent a day or so in Strasbourg, to check out their actually much more awesome 25 meter-tall Christmas tree (no bias, no bias...) and hit another of C's favorite fashion stores, Desigual. They just had opened a new store in Strasbourg, so that was the perfect time to be there and get some freebies in addition to the cool clothe.
We headed out for Niederbronn, where Q's grand father has this gigantic home in the Vosges mountains. The snow everywhere was great, and made for a perfect Christmas scenery! Some more good times with the family, playing games around the Christmas tree, building a snowman, drinking some champagne, opening presents...
Then in the late evening of the 25th, we boarded our night train toward Aarhus. 14 hours total (most of them spent in our matchbox-sized compartment), with one stop in Hamburg, Germany.
It was quite bumpy, but we made it. Snow was covering the mostly flat landscape all the way back, which was truly reminiscent of some scenes of Doctor
Zhivago. The complete whiteness also made the dark deers quite noticeable everywhere.
Ah, back to the Northern realities!

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